In a recent post on a friend's Facebook page - I saw the quote:  20% of kids take music lessons and 70% of adults wish they had!   There isn't one adult person I have met, well maybe one or two, that really don't like music.   I can't imagine that they really don't like music - I doubt that there is much to dislike - it's about knowing more - engaging and participating.  We are putting together our first class offereings - we hope there is a little something for everyone!   Maybe you have always wanted to try a little 4-part a cappella singing?   Maybe you want to know more about the "British Invasion" of rock and roll - not 1776!   And, maybe you just want to keep track of what we are doing!  Mary and I have met with so many people and we have so much support for what we are doing!   It is keeping us going!   Keep an eye on things and get yourself out of the 70%!