I am so excited to see our CincyCAMS website and Facebook page up and running, and to be receiving all your support and feedback.  It’s hard to believe that it was only 5 months ago that Rachel first pitched this idea to me.  Actually, this wasn’t the only idea Rachel sent my way when she heard I was looking for new opportunities (that’s not surprising—Rachel is bubbling over with ideas all the time—just take a look at the list of CincyCAMS programs for proof).  But CincyCAMS was definitely the project for me.  There’s so much going on in the greater Cincinnati music world, and Rachel knows so many of the people involved, I couldn’t wait to be a part of it.   This week we’ve shared the vision with you.  Soon we’ll be inviting you to sign up for classes and become a part of it, too.   Judging from the pace we’ve set so far, it won’t be long!