We reserve the right to change shipping carriers to provide you the lowest shipping rate available. A “C” face is used primarily on paint grade type panels, in lower-end case work, and for cabinet interiors in upper-end cabinetry. Compare Click to add item "1/4 x 4 x 8 B4 Natural Maple MDF Core Plywood" to the compare list. It is one of the East Coast's largest distributors of the best quality plywood, hardwoods, veneers, selective lumber products and Freud woodworking tools. Some splits. Plywood Cabinets What are the pros and cons of Plywood? Particleboard also provides a smooth surface but does not have the strength of veneer core plywood. Plywood Lingo Veneer Core - was developed to provide panels with dimensional stability and good strength both along and across the panel. Item … A “1” back will not contain any repaired knots. The veneer will be smooth, tight cut, and full length and free of any visible defects or abnormalities. P. 909.920.5430. x 48 in. Knots and knotholes up to 2-1/2 in. Highest quality veneer you can specify in any particular species. Baird Brothers offers an extensive inventory of premium hardwood plywood. Plywood Maple-Cabinet Grade. To learn more about plywood please visit our friends at Timber Products who have put together a useful documents page. Blum COMPACT 38N Hinges for Partial Overlay, PRO 2.0 Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides - BULK, Blum TANDEM Plus BLUMOTION Side Adjustable Locking Device, Blum CLIP CAM Adjustable Wing Mounting Plates, Blum Off-center Mount Face Frame Adapter Plate, Blum Cam Adjustable Face Frame Adapter Mounting Plates, PRO VERSA CORE Plywood in Cabinet/Plus/Select Grades (MAPLE), Face & Back Color: Natural Face –Acceptable Color, Face Defect: Random (Sound Knots And Streaks), Back Defect: Apparent (Sound Knots And Streaks). We have a variety of finished and pre-finished plywood domestic panels in various thicknesses with many different cores and veneers and a large variety of species, faces and plywood grades. Smooth, paintable surface. You may provide your own carrier. Since 1981, we have been serving our city's trade professionals, custom cabinet shops, furniture makers, and homeowners alike with a wide range of hardwood products. Magic City Plywood has been serving the Custom Cabinet, Furniture and Store Fixture manufacturer for over 37 years. Typical MDF will have low levels of urea formaldehyde (CARB P2 compliant), but can be sourced with no added urea formaldehyde options as a core in decorative hardwood plywood construction or separately as a raw panel. Quick view. AA-Grade Face A “B” face on hardwood plywood should be matched for a pleasing color, but not necessarily for grain. 1: This is the highest back grade possible for hardwood plywood. A hardwood or Grade A plywood probably won’t need much prep at all, but a lower grade will. It is very strong due to its veneered layers, so it can be used in interior and mild exterior situations. VENEER CORE Previous Mahogany - Cabinet Plywood Next Oak, Red - Cabinet Plywood. Frameless cabinet construction favors a cabinet box that uses a thicker, stiffer plywood to make up for the lack of a supporting frame. Use Wood Filler to Fill Holes. This is generally referred to as a reject back. Use Baltic Birch for your box bottoms, drawer sides, scroll saw art, shop jig-making and other craft work. Maple-Cabinet Grade. It’s just as strong as the nicer looking grades. These veneer layers (or plies) are laid up and balanced in alternating cross bands for stability and strength. A “C” face can also contain repaired knots and sound knots. Maple B-2 Spliced Plywood 263012, paintable and stainable and an excellent choice when you want the warmth, beauty and timeless quality of hardwood at The Home MDF CORE Quick view. Sku # 1251840. PRO VERSA CORE Plywood in Cabinet/Plus/Select Grades (MAPLE) Log in for pricing. Pro Core utilizes veneer inner plies in all but those adjacent to the face and back. Even within the different plywood grades, you’ll likely find a wide range in the number of repairs or defects. If your plywood has dents, holes, or splits, you can use a stainable wood filler to fill the gaps in. Allowed to contain unlimited mineral streaks. Please contact Cherokee Wood Products for shipping quotes to AK, HA & Canada. Because of the coarse nature of the particles, the edges must be treated in some fashion in the finished product. Industrial Plywood, Inc. has been serving thousands of builders, cabinetmakers, remodelers, signmakers and craftsmen throughout Pennsylvania since 1951. The back grades are (best to worst) 1, 2, 3, and 4. Item #471096. C-Grade Face An “A” face on hardwood plywood should be matched for both grain and color. A “C” face should be a sound smooth face. Baltic Birch is the plywood of choice for a number of uses because it's inexpensive, stable, holds screws exceptionally well, and it's made with waterproof glue. Plywood is the most expensive type of wood panel. 3/8 Cat Ps1-09 Square Structural Douglas Fir Sheathing, Application as 4 x 8. A-Grade Face Cabinet Grade Plywood Plywood is a glued and laminated wood that is engineered and overlaid with hardwood veneer and is normally less than 1/16 inch. Unfinished, Please contact us for a quote M1 3/4"x4x8 MAHOGANY PLYWOOD G2S ... 3/4"x4'x8' MAPLE PLYWOOD G2S #MA34 cabinet grade smooth two faces PRICE: $70.45 . Log in for pricing. Typical PBC will have low levels of urea formaldehyde (CARB P2 compliant) but can be sourced with no added urea formaldehyde options as a core in decorative hardwood plywood construction. For over sized loads and large quantities please contact Cherokee Wood Products Customer Service for the most accurate shipping rate. The influx of orders has swamped us, so the lead times for wood orders has extended to the point that it … Note: Product may vary by store. The outer plies are made of thin MDF to provide the panel with the smooth surface characteristics of MDF and particleboard but with less weight and improved strength. Most lumberyards stock veneer-core plywood, a cabinet staple for years. DSI’s eight Midwestern warehouses stock a wide variety of the best Cabinet Grade Domestic Plywood Panels from the most trusted wood product vendors. If you don’t have a lot of money to buy plywood and you don’t care if your plywood is baby smooth on the surface, go for a lower grade. Maple displays several distinctive grain patterns, including knotty maple and the beautiful and rare bird’s eye maple. This is the best face grade on plywood normally stocked and is often used for upper-end cabinetry, architectural millwork, and quality furniture. “B” grade faces are generally very similar to “A” faces, but do allow some sound or repaired knots and some slight rough cut veneer. The sapwood color ranges from nearly white, to an off-white cream color, sometimes with a reddish or golden hue. “D” Grade. 3/4" Maple Cabinet Grade Hardwood Plywood is Good 2 Sides (G2S), grade A-1, and has a 7-Ply Veneer Core. The grain of each layer of plywood is at right angles to each other. • 20bf or more can be shipped at a maximum length of 94". 2: Use this grade … Shipping Ship to Store - Free! Any and all worm holes are filled. Severe Weather 3/4-in Common Southern Yellow Pine Plywood Sheathing, Application as 4 x 8. Can contain up to 16 sound tight knots not exceeding 3/8” in diameter. Shop - means there is something wrong with the … It is quite resistant to shrinking, twisting, warping and cracking. All plywood is sold in full sheets. DSI Decorative Hardwood Plywood Panels Tap to Call DSI: 1-800-745-1778 Click Here to Text DSI. Fine Lumber & Plywood is Austin's oldest, and only family-owned full service hardwood lumberyard. The appearance of this is the only difference when it comes to comparing grades which is important for determining cost and quality. Sold in 4 x 8 Sheets Only MDF core and other species of hardwood plywood are available by special … Core Material: The Inside Story With softwood plywood, any material that’s composed of different layers of wood with the layers at 90° to each other is called plywood. 1 Back Plywood grades of A1, A2, B1, B2 are a good two sided product and would be used where both sides are going to be seen. MAPLE PLYWOOD 1/4 to 3/4 thick Maple hardwood plywood furniture grade Maple plywood is great for any project, partial sheets of Maple plywood Sorry we are temporarily placing the web site on hold. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.; actual: 0.703 in. Generally no repairs. “B” grade faces will also allow slight mineral streak and vine marks. You’ll find facts about plywood uses, grading and specs. ADD TO CART. Please contact Cherokee Wood Products for more details. 1/2" PRO Plus Grade Maple Plywood. Additional charges apply for shipping to PO Boxes & APO/FPO/DPO. The “C” grade will also allow unlimited mineral and vine marks. for pricing and availability. x 96 in. The standard size of our cabinet-grade plywood is 4' x 8' 1/2" & 3/4" thicknesses have an Aspen core. Displaying 1 - … We carry Cabinet grade Birch Plywood, Maple Plywood Pre-finished and natural, Cdx Plywood for flooring, roof sheathing and sheathing walls. F. 909.920.59501390 E. Arrow HwyUpland, CA 91786, Scroll Saw Wood and Thin Wood Boards for Crafts. Size: 4′ x 8′ Quick view. A “C” face on hardwood plywood allows for unlimited pin knots and small burls. DUNNAGE Covering manhole and protecting lawn before the backhoes rives or even temporarily, sheeting up the broken windows do not always needs for a very expensive plywood. We have it available in several thicknesses and a wide variety of species. B-Grade Face Please complete the form and a representative will be in touch. Get the PureBond 3/4 in. Pros and Cons of Birch and Maple Wood Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen cabinets are a significant investment, and new birch or maple cabinetry can be expected to last at least 10 years. 1/4 x 4 x 8 A1 Red Oak MDF Core Plywood. Top Choice SkyPly 3/4-in HPVA Maple Plywood, Application as 4 x 8 Item # 796760 Model # 1032332 Each piece of hardwood veneer is hand selected for quality and consistency prior to … All veneer splices should be book-matched for a visually pleasing appearance. P. 909.920.5430 PLYWOOD - MAPLE Botanical Name: Acer Saccharum Common Names: Hard maple, Rock … Contact Us. Thickness: 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″ & 3/4″ Veneer core is constructed with one or more layers of relatively thick veneers peeled from abundantly available species. An A face may allow slight mineral streak and/or vine marks. 48.5" x 96.5" sheet size. plywood: CABINET & MARINE GRADES: One of the most versatile sheet goods, hardwood plywood is used to construct everything from fine furniture and cabinets to shelving. CABINET GRADE PLYWOOD PRICES This is the best plywood for cabinets. The sapwood color ranges from nearly white, to an off-white cream color, sometimes with a reddish or golden hue. You get different grades of plywood, namely, structural, exterior, interior, and marine. This orientation makes plywood extremely tough, and it does not crack. 3 and 4 Back **PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE** Thickness and species may be mixed for 3+ pricing. Pro-CORE Cabinet Grade Hardwood Plywood at Crosscut Hardwoods. Maple Plywood comes in 4′ x 8′ Sheets available in 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thickness. Particleboard is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips and a resin. • 20bf or less will be shipped at a max length of 46". 3/4" maple plywood is rotary cut. Grade: C-3 - see grading guide for additional information. Be sure to select a wood filler that is both stainable and sandable. DSI is a decorative plywood wholesale distributor of Cabinet Grade Hardwood Plywood Panels, sheets, substrates & full units to customers in DSI Pittsburgh, PA, DSI Cleveland, OH, DSI Millersburg, OH, DSI Columbus, OH, DSI Cincinnati, OH, DSI Detroit, MI, DSI Louisville, KY and DSI Indianapolis, IN. The term Cabinet Grade Plywood is a general term, applied to any hardwood plywood which can be used in the manufacture of cabinets or furniture cabinetry. Maple-Cabinet Grade. Multiple purchases can be combined for lower shipping rates. Unfinished plywood is a commonly used material for custom cabinets, but prefinished plywood is an excellent alternative for many projects, even those considered to be high-end. Log in for pricing. However, it may also be used on thicker panels when the back will. If you need longer lengths an additional $13.50 fee will apply. 1/4" PRO Cabinet Grade Maple Plywood. But if one sheet of rotary-cut plywood looks like another, what’s beneath the face veneer can be as different as maple and marzipan. Thank you for requesting pricing and availability. While prefinished cabinet-grade plywood may be popular for standard cabinetry designs, this material is highly versatile and can be a real boon for difficult builds. from 26.50. While the letter A represents the face grade, the number 1 represents the back grade. 1/4" thicknesses have a MDF core Supplying the finest hardwoods, hardwood plywoods and related products to the northern two-thirds of the state of Alabama. PARTICLEBOARD More stable than solid wood and available in many grades and species, plywood is relatively economical. All plywoods are cabinet grade and are stocked in Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry, Birch, Poplar, Black Walnut, Ash, Hickory, and Mahogany in 1/4", 1/2", & 3/4" nominal thickness and 4' x 8' sheets. 1/8, 1/4A2, 1/2C2, 1/2D3, 3/4D3, 3/4C2, 3/4BCPC2, All stocked items will ship or be ready for will call 1-2 business day after purchase. Plywood sheets are 4' x 8'. Characteristics Face & Back Color: Natural Face –Acceptable Color Face Defect: Random (Sound Knots And Streaks) Back Defect: Apparent (Sound Knots And Streaks) Rotary Cut WPF, VC, RC Paint Grade 48.5" x 96.5" Pricing breaks are at the following quantities: 1 … Common: 3/4 in. Each panel weighs approximately 70 lbs. Can contain up to 16 sound tight knots not exceeding ¾” in diameter. Quick view. 1. For making cabinets, we use interior plywood. Available in additional species- maple and red oak. The heartwood tends to be a darker reddish brown. MDF provides a smooth surface, but like particleboard it is denser and heavier than veneer core. Pricing breaks are at the following quantities: 1-9 sheets, 10-14 sheets, 15-29 sheets, 30-59 sheets and 60+ sheets, Wine, Dinnerware, and Cookware Organization, Installation Screws/ Drawer Front Adjusting Screws, Thinners, Catalysts, Reducers & Retarders. There should not be any abrupt changes in color or grain between the splices. Particleboard is a type of composite panel but it is made up of larger pieces of wood rather than fiber bundles as used in MDF. Model #34CC. The heartwood tends to be a darker reddish brown. 95. The number of defects such as pin knots or small burls varies according to the specie of veneer. Quick view. Compare; Find My Store. The “4” back is most commonly used on 1/4” plywood. Plywood grading standards are published by the Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association. Maple Plywood comes in 4′ x 8′ Sheets available in 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thickness. Looking to quickly add more than one item to your cart? The visible faces of the plywood will be a higher grade veneer than the core veneers. The length or width may be undersized by 1/8" Cut lines shown on a 60"x60" sheet: 1/4"x4'x8' MAPLE PLYWOOD G1S ( MDF CORE ) cabinet grade smooth one face ( maybe 6.0mm or 5.2mm thick ) mdf core PRICE: $41.75 . 3/4"x4x8 MARINE AB PLYWOOD marine grade smooth two faces PRICE: $78.00 . If you need sizes or grades of Maple Plywood that we don’t stock contact us a call we can provide what your looking for! Using the same thinner plywood construction from a framed cabinet can result in a box that doesn’t meet customer standards for durability and longevity. A “2” back can also contain repaired knots, rough cut veneer, and unlimited mineral streak. Log in for pricing. For more information about softwood plywood, visit the American Plywood Association. Add To List Click to add item 1/4 x 4 x 8 B4 Natural Maple MDF Core Plywood to your list. Compared to MDF and particleboard cores, veneer core offers strength, weight and screw-holding advantages. 2 Back Repairs to the veneer like replacing knots with patches can be made, but no more than 18. Plywood grades are (best to worst) A, B, C and D for face or front face. Quick view. It won't have any large knots, but there may be some color variation and/or small, tight knots. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. A “4” back is to be used in concealed areas where appearance is of no concern. ArmorCore® - combines the low weight and high strength of veneer cores with the superior flatness and high density of MDF under face and back veneers. In addition to being a lower grade, the face veneer on inexpensive types of plywood can be as thin as 1/100″ compared to about 1/40″ on better material. Any decorative thin face of a wood species can be applied to the front and back of the panel. While this can refer to specific hardwoods, such as oak , maple and cherry , we also find plywood that is listed only as “cabinet grade,” without the specific hardwood veneer being mentioned. Direction of the grain is the length of panel. Medium Density Fiberboard is an engineered wood product made from wood fiber bundles and resin. A-1 Natural Birch VC. An “A” face will not permit sound knots, repaired knots or rough-cut veneer.