Step 2:  Insert the hook into the jute and with a slight twist, retrieve the strand of yarn, which your left hand is holding, at an angle back towards your body, not straight up in the air. An easy-to-use standard text for beginners and teachers alike. The principle is to outline an area and fill it in with color. You should have a line of wool loops that runs evenly across the surface. Bring your last loop up approximately one inch higher than your regular pile. An artist’s guide to the craft, beauty, and utility of punch needle rug hooking. After all, you’re doing this blind and relying on the feel of the strip. Scoop up the wool from underneath. Some of the room sized rugs take a 2-3 days just to transfer them onto the linen! Rug hooking patterns for sale. You can upload two images. © Copyright 2020 Ampry Publishing, LLC. Try different ways, and have fun! First, collect your tools. This spacing is very important because it allows the yarn to puff out all around. To start a second row next to the first row, leave a row of backing open and push your hook through the backing into a hole one row over. acrylic yarn (I sued the softest I could find) - tapestry needle-scissors It took me 5 days (& lots of movie watching) to make this 57"x21" rug for my guest room. Skip the next hole and pull a loop into the one after that. Because rug hooking is a leisurely craft and not an exact art such as needlepoint or counted cross stitch, it allows much room for personal expression. All of Heavens to Betsy's small patterns come drawn on serged primitive linen with more than enough allowance for a standard sized rug hooking frame. Fold over and stich to back of rug. Free Rug Hooking email newsletter: Sign up for rug hooking patterns, tutorials and event news from the wide world of rug hooking, gathered especially for those who love to pull loops with yarn and wool. Time needed: 15 minutes. Honey Bee Hive offers more than 2,800 rug hooking patterns, including our CHARCO pattern line which contains desings by Pearl McGown and Jane McGown Flynn.Our PRIMCO pattern line is an exclusive collection of rug hooking designs by dozens of additional artists, including Kim Nixon's Under the Rug pattern line of footstool, chair pad and stair riser patterns. FAQs Wool appliqued door hangers adapted for rug hooking by Mountain Wool. Supplies: - 3.75 mesh rug canvas, 60" wide- aluminum Locker Hook - 5-6 skeins of 185 yard, 6oz. Wool needs air to expand and contract naturally, so remember to space your loops evenly. Each design is carefully selected with the wide cut and primitive rug hooker in mind. Rug Hooking User Account: Create a FREE Rug Hooking Magazine account on for access to user features such as commenting on articles, adding private … When you feel comfortable making loops, it is time to start in on the printed areas. The following is excerpted from Rug Hooker's Companion by Donna Hrkman It should lie flat and be tight like a drum. Marrying Stash Wool Without Dye Do not cross yarns on the backside. Hook just inside of the line, as hooking on the line or outside of it will distort the image. Apr 20, 2020 - Primitive rug hooking patterns and kits designed by Kari-Miller Cameron at . ¼”. Sew the binding tape (or hand stitch if you don't have a machine) to the right side of the jute placing it about 1/4 inch from your last row of loops. Purchase a latch hooked rug kit. Pull up the end of the new strip flat against the tail of the first strip, release it, then push the hook into the hole next to the two tails that are sticking up together and pull up a loop level to those in the first strip. Make sure to keep the rows evenly spaced because the backing can draw up and form a dome if a circle is hooked too tightly. Step 1: With the rug jute on your lap or in the hoop, place your left hand (or if you are left-handed, place your right hand) under the jute. Nov 16, 2020 - Explore Connie Barnett's board "primitive rug hooking", followed by 377 people on Pinterest. We hope these extra hints are helpful. ... 2. You can sew by hand black cotton twill tape around the outside edges of the rug. The loops may seem to be too far apart, but they will fluff up. Stair Riser Rug Hooking Patterns. To continue, take your next strip of wool, hold it under the surface next to the tail you just pulled up, and put the hook into the same hole you just pulled the tail through. Thank you for taking the time to improve the content on our site. If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a pattern recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance. Select a comfortable chair with a back. New Classes - Calendar/Events Page! Contemporary designs by Debra Walland and traditional pieces by Jacqueline Hansen. Beginners often struggle with twisted strips as they learn how to manipulate them under the surface. Our kits are carefully assembled with everything you need to complete your Claire Murray® Rug. Pine Island Primitives. The first loops. From the side, the row should look like ribbon candy (see images below). Keep the section of the design you are hooking positioned in the middle of your lap. Since a kit is not reusable, we cannot accept the return of your once you have begun working on your project. 4. Give yourself time, have fun, and create something beautiful! Discover the simple art of rug hooking with this colorful guide that includes both instructions for beginners and innovative ideas for those wanting to go further. Don't forget to share! The ball of yarn should be on the floor between your feet with the strand reaching to your lap. A hook is used to pull these loops through, thus the name, “rug hooking”. Footstool assembly instructions. If you hook every single hole, the wool will be too tightly crammed into the  surface, which is called “packing.” The surface of the rug will be drawn up by the tension of the loops and will not lie flat. Keyword Index Quality hand drawn rug hooking patterns, kits, and supplies rug hooking or rug needle punching. Clip the loop in the center leaving a tail. Steps 1. There will be an additional charge for cutting the wool on the largest of rugs. Beautiful hand dyed wool for rug hooking, wool applique, knitting, crocheting, sewing for sale. We do not silkscreen or print our patterns, they are all hand drawn onto the linen for you. Make sure you have a comfy seat and good lighting. . A simple & easy way to handmake a very soft rug using the locker hook technique. Keep the jute taut as though it is on a frame with your legs. Continue to create hooked lines to form an outline of the area you’re filling up, pulling up tails as you go. Setting up carries a full line of patterns from many wonderful pattern designers. Sort out the cut yarn pieces by color. {"id":10079692804,"title":"A Dozen Big Boned Girls Paper Pattern Pack - 12 Rug Hooking Patterns: Full Colour, 15 pages including instructions, ideas, and inspiration. Cut the excess jute to 1" from your last row of hooking. Getting the Most from Your Stash with a One Pot Wonder. The slight tension and release will let the tail pull itself back just under the surface of the loops beside it, hiding it from view. Squinting and straining over your frame will take a toll on your eyes and your back. Green Mountain Hooked Rugs sells rug hooking supplies including, swatches, dyed wool, rug hooking hooks, rug hooking patterns, and rug hooking frames. Take your first strip of wool in the hand you don’t write with and hold it under the surface of the... Keep going!. Mark off a 1” square somewhere on the plain border of your burlap. Step 3: To pull your first loop, insert the hook back into the jute leaving at least one hole empty and from your left hand, place the yarn around the hook, and pull up through the jute at an angle back towards your body. Hook the outline of each area first and then fill it in. The instructions for making the footstool base that fits these patterns can be found in a series of posts. Contact Us $44.00. A colored photograph of the completed rug is also included for your reference. This is normal. We currently offer patterns by several artists. How to Cut Wool Strips A blog about rug hooking, rug hooking designs, rug hooking patterns, wool. Shipping will be charged on the pattern with or without a kit. How to Hook a Circle And don’t be too strict with yourself as you’re learning how to start rug hooking. When you start hooking you will want to start with a color and motif that is in the middle of the rug. Tuesday, December 4, … Congratulations on creating your own heirloom. You can use letters, numbers and white space. Draw some straight lines, some circles, some curvy and wavy lines and practice hooking them until you feel comfortable with the consistency of your loops and rows. Patterns are hand-drawn on your choice of monks cloth or primitive linen. The ball of yarn should be on the floor between your feet with the strand reaching to your lap. Scroll down to see visuals of these materials, and click this link to see a video from Gene Shephard about choosing the right hook. Folk Art Landing, Monika Jones. First, collect your tools. Want a demonstration? Hook right up to the twill tape, or sew it on after the rug is hooked. We always pay the EXTRA U.S. shipping if you choose to add the kit wool to any pattern at the time of pattern purchase! We recommend you start somewhere in the center of your rug design, then instead of jumping around and doing all of one color, work on the next adjacent colors. Noted Artist Sharon Smith of Off the Hook Wool Rugs has created a wonderful collection of beautiful and unique patterns. Dk Brown Twill; Taupe Twill; Navy Twill; Black twill; Rug Hooking Backings. Rug Hooking Supplies. If you come up short or have excess, pull out the yarn and begin again. Instructions for making door hanger included in kit. Rug Hooking Patterns ; Rug Hooking Kits; Seasonal Patterns & Kits. If you’re carrying over from a previous row, you’ll continue hooking right to left and left to right, back and forth, with an empty row between the lines of hooked wool strips. Fall; Holiday; Penny Rug Kits; Supplies & Equipment. You are done! Watch this video for a tutorial from Gene. Usually this twisting goes away as you develop a sensitivity to how the strips feel in your fingers. Night Flowers: 5″ X 10″ $49.00: Watering Can: 5″ X 10″ … You are encouraged to relax and experiment. Compare the rug design in your color photo with the outline design on the rug jute. Put your pattern onto an embroidery frame or quilting hoop. Your tails will be sticking up slightly higher than the surface of the rug loops. Terms of Service. A 27” length of yarn should fill this square. 8. Remember, this is a creative process, so you shouldn’t worry about minor changes that you feel personalize your rug. Carol Weatherman’s Originals, Carol Weatherman, I am honored and blessed that Carol Weatherman of Mustang, Oklahoma has chosen me to purchase her business The Sampling. You can then steam press on the wrong side on a low setting to set your hem flat. Learn which colors are represented by which symbols on the chart. When your rug is complete, you can roll two inches of the excess burlap into the twill tape and hand sew it along the backside of your rug. Keep going! The twisting can happen sometimes because the strips are thin or the texture of the wool is loose and your fingers can’t feed it smoothly without having it twist. Move the hook, not the wool. Leave a “tail” of yarn, about 2” in length. Sign up here! This makes your rug project very portable. Tuck the rug jute under your upper legs. Starting in the center of the jute, attach a quilt hoop at least 14” in diameter and hold the hoop and jute on your lap or on a hoop frame. Just make sure to remove the hoop each time you finish a section so that the hoop does not leave dents in the area you have already hooked. Remember, practice really does make perfect when it comes to rug hooking. NorthwestFolkDesign Hand Hooked Rug Cozy Fox Pattern by Marijo Taylor Rug Hooking Patterns Hand Hooked Rug Primitive Pattern 13" x 17" northwestfolkdesign. Looking at the back of your rug frequently while in progress is a good way to see if you are placing your loops too close or too far apart. We recommend you mark the 27” inch on one of the yarn lengths and try to hook the squared area. Don’t cut at an angle. Tuck the rug jute under your upper legs. Begin hooking the rug. This is important on rugs with a geometric pattern or in rugs with fine detail. Release the loop off the hook, put the hook into the next hole and repeat, pulling up another loop next to the first one, keeping the loops the same height. From shop northwestfolkdesign. Stair risers are 6″ x30″ rugs that are attached to the up and down part of your staircase. I think you will find rug hooking easy as well as rewarding. Rectangular 14" x 16" Octagonal 16" Mini Travel 12" Rug Hooking Hoops; Bindings. Spruce Ridge Studios offers original rug hooking patterns designed by or adapted from the artwork of the finest textile folk artists in America today. The backing will be able to expand and contract, to “breathe.” Do Not Sell My Personal Information For customer service questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Less than 1 minute to pull your first loop, then years to learn the finer points of rug hooking. Get an overview! Our 100% wool is carefully spun and dyed to assure that your rug will last for many years. Donna Hrkman will show you how to gather supplies, make those first loops, and avoid common beginner mistakes. Sometimes a strip pulls apart and breaks. COFFEE rug hooking pattern by E.T. Books Alternative method:  You may find that it is easier to hook with a quilt hoop - which is the way I prefer. Step 4: Continue with this process until the color you are working on is completely filled in. Rug hooking is an American craft that began in the 1600’s and has been passed down from generation to generation. Pictured above: Sunflowers Coneflowers by Sharon Smith-Pattern and Complete Rug Hooking … Holding your hook in the hand you write with, gently push the hook into a hole in the backing just inside the drawn line of the pattern. Let Nola Do It, LLC 5230 Elizabeth Ave. St. Louis, Missouri 63110 (314)-640-6344 (by appointment only, please do not hesitate to call!) Rug Patterns Page 1Patterns Page 2 Patterns Page 3 Patterns Page 4 Patterns Page 5 Patterns Page 6 Patterns Page 7 Patterns Page 8 Patterns Page 9 Patterns Page 10 pattern # pattern name: click for larger view of pattern: size (inches) price ($) finished rug: Purchase: 1.1.