Good morning world and thank you for another day of rain - mess.   My basement was not meant for all this rain!  It occurs to me that most things in life we are not meant to deal with and if everything went along smoothly - then, well, where would the fun and the hot mess be?   I am someone who thrives on more things to do and more drama than not.  So, I should be happy that there is a slow start-up to our new business!   Well, I should be, but I am getting slightly nerouvs that we are planning a party and no one is going to come!    So, readers - if you are reading this - truly - there is someone you know who would enjoy one of our first three classes:    April Showers Brings the May Festival, the 4-part a cappella men sing-in and the British Invasion!    These are terrific classes taught by some uber terrific people in great spaces - and it's affordable!  It is easy to register it is going to be a great time and we really need these first three to "go"!  Thanks for reading - sign up and get your people to sign up!    See you out and about!