Key Limes are a small fruit, and pack a punchy flavor unlike any other lime varieties. Cherry Tree Sweet Mexican R 180.00. The fruit from these trees are small, reaching only 1 to 2 inches in diameter at maturity, and the color is light green to yellow. A big thing to watch for with sweet lime tree care is temperature. This varietal also bears during the rainy season in India when other citrus is out of season. The mulch should be 2 to 3 inches deep. Their fruit is the most commonly found lime in the supermarket with green flesh and slightly smaller than a lemon. Citrus Tahitian Lime. Plant sweet limes in well-draining soil since like all citrus, sweet limes hate “wet feet.”. The branches are thorny and the leaves have a fresh citrus scent that can fill any room. Unlike supermarket limes, the fruit is yellow-green to yellow-orange in color. Palestine trees are large to shrubby, thorny and hardier than ordinary lime trees. Chill it in the refrigerator first, if desired. Call Us: (602) 388-1529. The gorgeous Sweet Lime Tree Gift is just a little beauty queen. Prune only established lime trees when necessary to remove dead and damaged limbs and, if desired, to maintain a tree-like shape. Other languages have their own names for the sweet lime and just to confuse matters, there is also a sweet lemon (C. limetta), which in some circles is also called a sweet lime. In Florida, the Mexican lime is known as the Key lime. Source: Skakerman. Fertilize three times a year, in late winter, June and August, giving the tree one-third of the actual nitrogen at each fertilizing. The fruit itself is a hybrid of the Mexican lime as well as sweet citron or sweet lemon. Mexican key lime (Citrus aurantifolia), also known as key lime, bartender’s lime and West Indian lime, is a moderately sized evergreen fruit tree. Mature trees grow 12 to 15 feet tall, 6 to 8 feet wide and produce small green and yellowish-green limes. Sweet lime trees are also used as rootstock, even though their rootstock is prone to disease. This tree is a great landscape tree that is one of the hardiest citrus trees in cultivation. It is not known where or how the sweet lime originated, but it is thought to be a hybrid between a Mexican-type lime and a sweet lemon or sweet citron. The shape is different from other Limes or Lemons. Mulch the area around the tree with organic mulch, making sure to keep the mulch 1 foot away from the tree’s trunk. Plants belonging to the citrus family, including the lime tree, are best suited for growing in tropical and subtropical areas. The small immature fruits are virtually indistinguishable from small Mexican limes but bigger fruit are often more oval in shape. Also, hot, hot temperature can also affect your sweet lime. Mediterranean botanists refer to … Packed with all the Limes you could wish for from our traditional Lime Tree Gift but in our new and exclusive Dwarf Lime Tree range. The peel is greenish to orange-yellow when ripe, smooth with obvious oil glands and thin. Almost as cold tolerant as lemons. Sweet limes have very little presence in American horticulture outside of ornamental use and as a garden tree. Well known under the popular moniker “Key Lime,” the Mexican variety has a thicker skin and darker green color than its Florida Keys sibling. C. limettiodes, is also known as Indian sweet lime. Round, medium-sized juicy yellow fruit. Also known as the Capulín cherry. Columbia is another varietal, as is ‘Soh Synteng,’ a more acidic variation with slightly pinkish, young shoots and flower buds. The fruit is deep and borne on a small thorny, tree-shrub that grows about 6 to 13 feet tall. In California the climatic influences create dramatically different sized and shaped sweet lime fruits from coastal to desert regions. Writing professionally since 2008, Michelle Miley specializes in home and garden topics but frequently pens career, style and marketing pieces. The Mexican lime is small, about 1 to 2 inches across. The fruit is primarily cultivated in India, northern Vietnam, Egypt, tropical America and countries around the Mediterranean coastline. Lime trees need enough water to wet the soil around them 3 feet deep at each watering, which requires 3 to 6 inches of water, depending on the soil type. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Have you ever tried a Mexican Sweet Lime? It’s additionally a hobby fruit in parts of Florida and California. You can also wrap the trunk of the tree in fiberglass insulation to protect it from cold weather. Growing sweet limes trees is possible in USDA zones 9-10. Today, sweet limes grow in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, tropical Americas, parts of Southeast Asia, and also the Mediterranean. With its mild flavor and few seeds, it makes a refreshing beverage. In India, mitha limbu, mitha nimbu or mitha nebu, with “mitha” meaning sweet. If possible, such trees should be planted in places that receive optimum southern sunlight, preferably in the regions where the temperature ranges between 65 – 75°F. The Key lime is usually picked while it … The tree is evergreen and produces fragrant white blooms against a backdrop of green foliage in early spring. The flowers have white petals and a distinct tuft of stamens. It grows vigorously once you plant it in the ground, reaching heights of 6 1/2 to 13 feet (2 to 4 m.) tall. It is so hardy that growers often use it as rootstock for less hardy varieties, harnessing the robustness of the Palestine Lime's roots and trunk to grow more fragile fruit in cooler places. Remove lime tree pests with water jets from a garden hose if necessary. Container growing is nice since the tree can be moved to shelter if inclement weather is expected. Unlike supermarket limes, the fruit is yellow-green to yellow-orange in color. Mexican lime trees produce one of the most commonly found limes in the US and have many names including the key lime tree. Search. Use a slow-release fertilizer and be sure to spread it out a bit beyond the edge of the tree’s canopy as the tree’s roots may extend further than its branches. Okay, it isn’t new, but fairly obscure in the United States. Login. The sweet lime (Citrus limettioides) has a number of names depending upon what language is being spoken. Key or Mexican lime (Citrus aurantifolia), a shrubby, thorny tree that reaches 10 to 20 feet, is more cold sensitive, yet more drought tolerant than most citrus varieties. To help the lime tree grow as large and healthy as possible, you'll need to prune it regularly. Her essays have been used on college entrance exams and she has more than 4,000 publishing credits. Distinct lime aroma and flavour. Lime, any of several species and hybrids of trees and shrubs in the rue family (), widely grown in tropical and subtropical areas for their edible acidic fruits.The Persian lime (Citrus ×latifolia) is one of the most common commercial varieties, though the smaller key lime, or Mexican lime (C. ×aurantifolia), is also economically important in many places. My Cart. If so, read on to find out about sweet lime tree growing and how to take care of a sweet lime tree. University of California Cooperative Extension: Citrus for the Home Garden. It is not very sour and is very refreshing as an eat out of hand fruit or in a refreshing beverage (with or without a sweet or alcoholic addition for flavoring). Also the leaves are bigger and darker. The most common, Palestine (or Indian) is an oblong to nearly round fruit with a rounded bottom. Its dangling shoots become covered in masses of flowers, which bloom in the early spring on slender branches. The cherry starts out yellow and turns red as it ripens. It became naturalized in the West Indies, south Florida and some Caribbean countries. Cut and peel sweet lime. Mexican lime is also known as key lime and West Indian lime. It is a cross between the citron (Citrus medica) and a … Similar to sweet limes from Mexico, which also originated from the Mediterranean. The fruits are small, round to slightly oblong, and have a thin, smooth, rind with prominent oil glands. Whatever you call them, there are basically two types of sweet lime, Palestine and Mexican sweet limes, as well as several sweet lime varieties grown in India. Intrigued? The gorgeous Sweet Lime Tree Gift is just a little beauty queen. The interior pulp is pale yellow, segmented (10 segments), incredibly juicy, low on acid and with a slightly bitter to bland flavor. Zinc and iron deficiencies cause the leaves to turn yellow with green veins or create yellow blotches between leaf veins. Open … Key limes are a form of Mexican lime. Once Mexican Limes reach full maturity, usually in autumn to early winter, they drop from the tree. The Mexican lime tree is exceedingly vigorous; may be shrubby or range from 6 1/2 to 13 ft (2-4 m) high, with many slender, spreading branches, and usually has numerous, very sharp, axillary spines to 3/8 in … Mexican Lime, Bearss Lime and more. Nearly thorn-free. aka "Mexican Lime" Key Limes are a shrubby, thorny tree that can reach as much as 10-15 feet tall, is cold sensitive, but is more drought tolerant than most other citrus. She holds an Associate of Applied Science in accounting, having graduated summa cum laude. What type of sweet lime tree care is needed for successful growing in these areas? Key or Mexican. Citrus limetta, alternatively considered to be a cultivar of Citrus limon, C. limon 'Limetta', is a species of citrus, commonly known as mousambi, musambi, sweet lime, sweet lemon, and sweet limetta, it is a member of the sweet lemons. Eat sweet lime raw. Yes, a lime that is less tart and more on the sweet side. Plant sweet limes on the south side of a building where it will get the most warmth and protection from any cold snaps. Lime trees are easy to grow and plant and Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing our own citrus trees from only registered root stock for over 20 years. Actually, if you let any lime ripen, it would be similar in hue, but they are picked before they are ripe to lengthen their shelf life. Mexican Lime trees can be grown on balconies, patios, and limited-space gardens. Medium sized leaves. If water jet removal does not work, your local garden center can help you identify and treat your specific pest problem. Has less sugar and acid than the Bearss Lime. Give the tree a long, deep watering rather than a quick shot with the garden hose. Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from discusses lime tree care, and citrus plants in general, from Walnut Creek, California. Aim for a pruning schedule of once per year or once every 2 years. Mexican lime tree (Citrus aurantifolia), also known as the bartender’s lime, is a thornless lime variety that grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 10 and 11. The flowers are pure white, and the new growth is bright green. Among them are Bearss Lime, Palestine Sweet Lime, Aussie Finger Lime, Kaffir Lime, and Thornless Mexican Limes, as well as dwarf varieties. Prune lime trees every year or 2 years depending on branch health. Mexican Lime trees are vigorous fruit producers and a single seed has the potential of yielding thousands of Limes. The Persian lime is slightly more tolerant of cold than the Mexican lime but still prefers warmer areas than lemon. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Sunset Western Garden Book; Editors of Sunset Magazine. Water young Mexican lime trees twice a week and mature plants at least once a week. When pruning limes grown as shrubs, remove branches that touch the ground to prevent ant infestation. The tree is medium-large with an irregular spreading form. Like all citrus varieties, the Mexican lime requires well-drained soil, plenty of warm weather and protection from winter cold. The first fruit was brought to the United States from Saharanpur, India in 1904. 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Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Build a sturdy frame of wood or PVC pipe around the tree and drape a cloth tarp over it when winter temperatures are expected to dip below 28 degrees Fahrenheit. This one looks more yellow than green when ripe. Immature trees should not be pruned. Several citrus trees include the term "lime" in the name, but are not actually lime varieties. This is a large, fast-growing tree that is especially pretty when it’s in bloom. The Mexican Lime is a vigorous, shrub-like tree, and the pleasant and strong aroma of its fruit makes it a captivating part of any outdoor landscape The Sweet Lime is an amazing gift to give to someone who really loves food and enjoys cooking. Some Ayurvedic Remedies With Mosambi Or Sweet Lime. The Key lime (Citrus × aurantiifolia) is a citrus hybrid (C. micrantha x C. medica) with a spherical fruit, 25–50 mm (1–2 in) in diameter. The fruit has a rich, aromatic flavor. Whitewash the trunks of lime trees with a 50/50 mixture of flat white paint and water as needed to prevent sunburn. Cross between Mexican lime and citron or lemon. Sweet limes can be grown in the garden or do nicely in containers as long as the ambient temps are 50 degrees F. (10 C.) or more. The trees are thornless and bigger than Mexican lime trees. Size - … Sweet limes lack the acidity of other limes and, while sweet, the lack of tartness renders them almost bland to some tastes. There’s a new citrus on the block! Spray the tree with iron or zinc supplements if you notice deficiencies. The lime fruits are borne singly or in 2's or 3's (or sometimes large clusters), at the twig tips. In French, sweet limes are called limettier doux. We’re talking sweet limes. Limes will grow into a shrub-like form if a tree shape is not maintained. Sweet lime trees look much like the Tahiti lime, with serrated leaves and almost wingless petioles. The Sweet Lime is an amazing gift to give to someone who really loves food and enjoys cooking. Try a honey-lime dressing for fruit salad, using two teaspoons of sweet lime zest and one tablespoon of sweet lime juice for every 1/4 cup honey. It originated in Asia, was introduced to the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa by Arab traders and was brought to the Americas during the early sixteenth century by Spanish and Portugese explorers. Mary Ellen sweet lime (Citrus limettioides) is a small round type of lime that is yellowish-green when mature. Be sure to water the tree every 7-10 days if it is in the ground and up to every day if container grown depending upon rain and temperature factors. Trees Mistaken for Lime Varieties. The Bearss Lime is a larger, oval, seedless, dark green fruit that has a milder flavor. Water more frequently during extremely hot, dry weather. The Mexican lime tree is exceptionally vigorous; may be shrubby and range from 6 1/2 to 13 feet high, with many slender, spreading branches, and usually with numerous, very sharp spines to 3/8 inch long. Skip to Content. Perhaps, you are interested in growing sweet lime trees. There are several varieties of Lime trees. These include the Palestine sweet lime, the Kaffir lime, the Rangpur lime (a cross between a lemon and mandarin), and a hybrid called a limequat, which is a cross between the Mexican lime and a kumquat. Mexican lime tree (Citrus aurantifolia), also known as the bartender’s lime, is a thornless lime variety that grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 10 and 11. Actually, if you let any lime ripen, it would be similar in hue, but they are picked … Thornless Mexican lime is now a popular type of lime-producing fruit tree due to its lack of thorns. Inspect your tree in the spring to determine if it has dead, diseased, crossed, or tangled branches. Sweet lime trees look much like the Tahiti lime, with serrated leaves and almost wingless petioles. Habit - Vigorous hardy tree with drooping branches. Fertilize the tree with 1 to 1½ pounds of actual nitrogen each year. Wait until late summer, just before the tree drops its fruit and develops new buds for the following … While these trees produce can fruit throughout the year, the majority of the crop is harvest-ready in the fall and winter. Because the flesh lacks acidity, it doesn’t have the sharp taste of other Mexican limes. This is the one that made key lime pies famous. Small almost round pale greenish yellow fruit with yellow/green juicy pulp. Sign up for our newsletter. The Mexican lime tree is shrubby and vigorous, growing between 6 to 13 feet tall. In Spanish, lima dulce. Here, the plant is mostly grown as an ornamental for personal use, but in India and Israel, it is used as rootstock for the sweet orange and other citrus varieties. Packed with all the Limes you could wish for from our traditional Lime Tree Gift but in our new and exclusive Dwarf Lime Tree range. The fruit is most likely a hybrid between a Mexican type of lime and a sweet lemon or sweet citron.
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