Yamaha pianos are a popular choice for students, home enthusiasts and professional musicians alike. Upright Pianos. These are: music, electronics and motors. Because piano dealers need to protect the sale, most pianos immediately lose their value after being purchased. The features mentioned above contribute highly to the benefits of using this product. Yamaha 48″Upright Pianos are manufactured in Japan and are designed for the discerning pianist and professional musician.Featuring Yamaha’s distinctive tone and touch, these quality pianos are sure to please. A piano with zero used market suggests that the piano is either not reliable, or doesn’t hold its’ value well for a particular reason. Things don’t always work out as planned – the kids grow up and there is no use for the piano. The Yamaha Piano Company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pianos. Despite this, the music field still remains the main and the strongest part of the corporation. For example, dealers will sell these pianos used for the same price as the original. The GH1 was an instrument with bass sostenuto, and It has mapes bass string (Same type of strings used on Steinway Pianos) for a rich sound. Great deals on Yamaha Grand Pianos. This Yamaha baby grand was manufactured in Japan and is in excellent condition. Value of a Yamaha, spinet piano, excellent condition, has not been tunes in years, approx. 6 Yamaha P125 88-Key Digital Piano. The Yamaha P125 is a great keyboard with 88 fully weighted keys. Input your Serial # to determine whether the piano was made for the US market. Good Resale Value. The letter “U” is the most important part of the model number as it means that it is from the same top level … Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to achieve grand piano quality, Clavinova digital pianos offer an inviting playing experience that is perfect for players of all levels. By 1899 he traveled to the USA to learn how to build pianos and started making grand and upright pianos under the name Nippon Gakki … All new Yamaha Pianos, purchased through an authorised Yamaha Piano retailer are covered under a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Prospective used piano buyers want to know something about them. The Yamaha brand is a popular name in the musical instrument world. Yamaha’s NP-32 keyboard isn’t as high-end as most of our list, but it undoubtedly deserves to be here. Check prices. Fair Market Value. Some manufacturers—such as Yamaha—post this information online (type “serial” in the site’s search box if you’re lost), or it can be found in an updated version of the Pierce Piano Atlas. The best portable Yamaha keyboard piano. And Yamaha Premium Pianos are among the best. It's parent company manufacturers almost every instrument in the orchestra in addition to guitars and studio electronics. Choose from 70 Yamaha C3 ads available for sale. If it is a vintage Yamaha upright piano, the item description will include any possible restorations, modifications, or alterations made to the piano. CLICK HERE or continue… Ornate or Unusual Case Design: If your piano is very ornate with carvings and inlays, or a very unusual case design, this can make the piano more valuable no matter what the name of the piano … $12,500.00. Yamaha Baby Grand Piano: Made in 1982. If you are shopping for a used Yamaha upright piano, one primary factor to consider is its condition. If you get unexpected results please double check that any letters at the start of the piano's serial number aren't actually the end of the Yamaha model number or relate to characteristics of the piano such as scale or finish. Nowadays, the company produces and provides services in many fields. Yamaha U series pianos have an intrinsic market value that holds well, simply because it is such a well-known and respected series. The Yamaha G2 reflects the culmination of Yamaha’s decades of piano … This is a Japanese piano made for the North American Market. At first they started assembling pianos and organs using parts from many different suppliers, but by the 1920’s started building pianos in-house using mainly parts that were built and designed internally. This is an American made Yamaha studio upright piano in very good condition. This authentic grand piano experience is the product of the knowledge and expertise that Yamaha has accumulated over more than 100 years of crafting acoustic pianos. The purpose of this article is to comment on and clarify the information in Piano Buyer on determining the value of a used piano. Weighted keys are important as you know because they give a similar feel to an acoustic piano. This significantly improves the depth and the purity in the sound of the bass, as the newer iron frame utilizes a circumference design that holds the piano string tension much better, and also improves the piano’s backpost balance. So first of all, the NP-32 isn’t a Yamaha 88-key keyboard piano. Yamaha Disklavier Pianos For Sale. It covers any Yamaha piano made between 1917 and 2012 in all 6 factories. Piano owners can have dual or triple access to (1) upgrade player system's library, plus (2) the Disklavier song library, combined. Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range,Yamaha grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker's art. These prices relate very well to current used piano prices. It has the same overall dimensions and was built in the same factory to the same high standards. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Many smaller piano manufacturers make very good pianos, but depreciation on the piano will be variable and depend on prior knowledge of the brand by the customer. Includes like-new and gently used Yamaha baby grand, grand, and upright Disklavier player piano models. Sometimes people buy pianos for the best intentions for their children to learn to play the piano. The piano has a crisp bright sound, good tuning stability, and a highly durable construction. It’s excellent for experienced players, but, it’s also great for beginners to learn proper piano skills. This chart documents list prices of these instruments at that time. (Note: This is for Acoustic Pianos only- please do not enter a digital piano Serial Number.) The first products of this company were keyboard instruments – organs, and pianos later. 20-25 years - Answered by a verified Musical Instrument Appraiser The main difference of course is that the C108 is made in Japan, while the follow up from Japan was shifted to Indonesian production. (Please enter the entire serial # including letters and leading zeros.) All new Yamaha Pianos, purchased through an authorised Yamaha Piano retailer are eligible for Yamaha Piano Care, a program that offers additional benefits (tuning and servicing on eligible models) after purchase. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. The condition may relate to both the internal and external aspects which will impact the pianos visual appeal, playability and overall value. Piano Name: Yamaha Website: Yamaha Model: P22 Made in: Indonesia Parent Company: Yamaha Corporation Company Location: Japan Height: 45″ History: In 1887 a watchmaker by the name of Torakusu Yamaha founded Japan’s first reed organ company. ... Yamaha C5 Grand Piano Outlet . Used and new Yamaha C3 - list of vertical pianos and grand pianos. 10 watching. It’s a lightweight and compact digital piano that punches above its weight. BALMAIN PIANO SERVICE IS FULLY OPERATING ONLINE, WE HAVE ROLAND DIGITAL PIANOS BRANDNEW 5-10YEARS WARRANTY IN STOCK-WE happy to offer affordable digital piano YAMAHA CLAVINOVA CLP-230-DIGITAL PIANO Condition: 100% Functional 88 FULL SIZE Weighted keys Keys: 88, Pedals: 3 AVAILABLE TO TRY BEFORE YOU BUY_RENT Finishing: (LIGHT WALNUT). Check the item description to find out if the Yamaha piano has had any repairs. The Yamaha company began in 1887 and was originally started in Hamamatsu, Japan. It comes with 88 semi-weighted keys and 3 levels of touch sensitivity (32 note max polyphony). This is the case with this piano. The features of Yamaha U1F Upright Piano attract numerous people because they contribute to the longevity and the quality of the product, regardless of the number of years that have passed since the day it was manufactured. Yamaha is a Japanese business established by Torakusu Yamaha in 1887. The drop in value is substantial, often ranging between 670 – 75% within just 2 – 3 years of the initial purchase. This is a piano that can withstand the rigors of institutional use, yet has an attractive cabinet for your home. The Yamaha YPG-535 is slightly older but still a very popular keyboard piano. The GH1 reflects the culmination of Yamaha’s decades of piano designing experience. Yamaha started sending pianos to the United States in the 1960's first as private label products and then under their own name. This instrument features a solid spruce soundboard for … $35,950.00. Our available Yamaha pianos include a range of types, costs and conditions. The Yamaha U30A is a very similar piano to the Yamaha U3. Yamaha Piano Serial Numbers (how old / what age is your Yamaha piano) The majority of Japanese Yamaha pianos currently in the UK have a 7 digit (sometimes only 6) serial number which can be found to the top right area of the iron frame (you’ll need to lift the top lid of the piano to see it). Newer Yamaha models have a ‘perimeter’ type iron frame and redesigned bass bridge, to allow longer bass strings than in the older models. But with hundreds of great instruments in the market, choosing the best digital piano can sometimes be difficult. Player piano systems with a MIDI IN port can be upgraded to QRS or PianoDisc wireless player system. Yamaha upright piano line includes a broad range of models designed to meet the requirements and sensibilities of pianists at all levels. Yamaha C7 Grand Piano. 34 watching. (The Piano Buyer article has since been revised to include these comments.) Yamaha began making pianos in 1900, with their launch of the newly constructed models of upright pianos. If the piano has a name which carries such value, a Professional Appraisal would be well worth it. The Current Value of Your Piano The graded soft touch action keys function on a spring mechanism rather than a hammer mechanism. Understanding Grand Piano – Types and Dimensions May 3, 2018 - 9:09 pm Understanding Upright Piano – Types and Dimensions January 26, 2018 - 7:04 am 4 Beginner Tips To Selecting A Piano That Is Right For You January 16, 2018 - 11:39 am new in 2011 - YAMAHA C7 Semi Concert Grand Piano. A good option for rooms with good natural dampening and a beginner student. Grand Pianos. This soon developed into a complete range of designs with their first grand piano being produced in 1902. Understanding Grand Piano – Types and Dimensions May 3, 2018 - 9:09 pm Understanding Upright Piano – Types and Dimensions January 26, 2018 - 7:04 am 4 Beginner Tips To Selecting A Piano That Is Right For You January 16, 2018 - 11:39 am $32,995.00. Select Your Piano’s Condition (Relative To Its Age) The general condition of your instrument is also hard to assess without a comparison of several pianos of simula age. The Yamaha C108 is the immediate predecessor to the C109. Browse our available selection, or use our filters to refine your search by size, price, location, distance from you, or color. The brand is famous for producing top-class digital pianos with realistic key action, together with a great acoustic piano sound, and a handful of excellent digital features.. This particular U10A Professional Upright Piano was built in 1991 and is newer than many that are available at regional dealers. Yamaha Piano Serial Number Search. Yamaha U1F Upright Piano For Sale. It is a solid instrument with a rugged design featuring 5 back posts. This isn’t an issue with the Yamaha U1; this has one of the most robust and active used piano markets out there.
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