Chicago blues artist Muddy Waters later overdubbed vocals and Chess Records released it as a single in 1963. I love the Led Zeppelin spin-off, Whole Lotta Love. [3][13] The tune, which was a largely improvisational jam by the group, had been a part of their live repertoire along with other rhythm and blues songs since they formed, and was therefore popular with the mod subculture of the 1960s. The lyrics are to Dixon's song "You Need Love." [19] Dixon did not sue Arden or the band, because he did not know of its existence. He was a bass player for Chess Records, but he wrote a lot of songs, too. This was one of a number of Zeppelin songs written by someone else. [23] The song was largely conceived by Jimmy Page, but is credited to the entire band. [8] Besides Hooker and organist Big Moose Walker, there are different accounts of who provided the instrumental backing. Woman you need love, you've got to have some love I'm gonna give you some love, I know you need love You just gotta have love, you make me feel so good You make me feel all right, you're so nice, you're so nice You're frettin', and I'm petting A lot of good things you ain't getting Baby, way down inside, you need love You need to … In the early 1950s, Muddy Waters and his band—Little Walter Jacobs on harmonica, Jimmy Rogers on guitar, Elga Edmonds (also known as Elgin Evans) on drums and Otis … The lyrics for this song were borrowed by Robert Plant from the song "You Need Loving" by Small Faces, which, in turn, was a cover of Muddy Waters' song "You Need Love". . The instrumentation was first recorded by slide guitarist Earl Hooker with backing musicians. Muddy Waters sang a song, written by Willie Dixon, titled You Need Love in 1962. That’s my dad’s song.” And she says, “The song is probably as old as you are (I was thirteen, then), and let’s see I’ve got the album,” she said, “If they’ve got your dad’s name on it . [3][4] Later, some of his songs were popularized by rock groups, such as the Rolling Stones, Cream, and Led Zeppelin. The 6' 6", 250-pound bass playing "Bard of the Blues" was one of the key figures in the formation of the Chicago blues sound. Handwritten lyrics to "You Need Love" by Willie Dixon, signed by Ron Wood Back to schoolin', Vocally, lead singer Robert Plant phrases the song in the style of Marriott, similar to "You Need Loving". It was fantastic, I loved it, Muddy Waters recorded it but I couldn't sing like Muddy Waters so it wasn't that much of a nick. [13] However, Marriott would not belittle "Whole Lotta Love", as the first time he heard it he reportedly shouted "Go on, my son! [15] It is also noteworthy for 19-year old Marriott's raw vocals, one of his most well known characteristics.[16][17]. Woman you need love, you've got to have some love. Similar to his previous single, "You Shook Me", Muddy Waters dubbed his vocals onto a backing track, a formula also followed for "Little Brown Bird" and "Black Angel". [21], Newly formed British heavy metal band Led Zeppelin recorded a song titled "Whole Lotta Love", and released it, backed with "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)" as a single in November 1969. 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[20][10][17], I ultimately learned . In the United Kingdom, the single was subsequently withdrawn and replaced by a four-track EP with "Little Brown Bird", "You Shook Me" and "Muddy Waters Twist". I was at girlfriend’s house, and the song came on the radio. William James Dixon (July 1, 1915 – January 29, 1992) was an American blues musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger and record producer. Willie Dixon covered Oh Mary Don't You Weep, Midnight Special, Jacob's Ladder, Worried Man Blues and other songs. about the “Whole Lotta Love,” because I was typing those songs, and he taught me to write music. At the time, there was a lot of conversation about what to do. The instrumentation was first recorded by slide guitarist Earl Hooker with backing musicians. [1] He wrote or co-wrote over 500 songs[2] and his work has been recorded by some of the best-known blues musicians of his era, including Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and Little Walter. [9] Of the three recordings cut that day, "Black Angel" remains unissued. You just gotta have love, you make me feel so good You make me feel all right, you're so nice, you're so nice You're frettin', and I'm petting A lot of good things you ain't getting Baby, way down inside, you need love You need to be hugged and squeezed real tight, by the light of the moon on some summer night You need love … [10] Marie Dixon, Willie Dixon's wife insists that the songs is specially about her: I felt that was more close to me that he wrote is “You Need Love.” If you listen to those words, I feel that. Baby way down inside, woman you need love Chess first released the song on a 7-inch single, backed with "Little Brown Bird" in 1963. Written by Willie Dixon, American, 1915 - 1992 Signed by Ronnie Wood, English, born 1947 Date 1962 Medium ink on paper Dimensions H x W: 10 9/16 x 8 1/4 in. Page's riff was Page's riff. “Stairway to Heaven” is easily the most … And I said, “You know what? And he had a way of speaking to you through his songs. It was adapted from You Need Love (Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane and Willie Dixon). My riff — the basis for the entire song — sounds nothing like either of them. But if you take Robert’s vocal out, there’s no musical reference to either song. Robert Plant used to follow us around. He was like a fan. You know how woman, you need lovin', lovin', alright, Despite containing several verses found in the original, on original 1966 pressings of the group's debut album, it is only credited to Marriott and Ronnie Lane. Can't do the monkey, yeah", You've got yearnin' and I got burnin' Willie Dixon wrote I'm Your Hoochie Cooche Man, Back Door Man and Close to You. The song You Need Loving was written by Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane and Willie Dixon and was first released by Small Faces in 1966. Whole Lotta Love. I said, “Oh, yes it is.” And she said, “Have you ever heard him singing it?” I said, “No, I haven’t, but he taught me how to write. I just thought, 'well, what am I going to sing?' Willie Dixon was a Chicago blues artist, perhaps best known for his … "Hoochie Coochie Man" (originally titled "I'm Your Hoochie Cooche Man") is a blues standard written by Willie Dixon and first recorded by Muddy Waters in 1954. It was there before anything else. In 1985 Willie Dixon sued Led Zeppelin, claiming that Whole Lotta Love plagiarised his own You Need Love, which was released as a single by Muddy Waters in 1962. (26.8 x 21 cm) Description A sheet of paper with song lyrics handwritten by Willie Dixon in dark pen. The EP was a favorite of Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck during their teenage years. [14] At the time, their setlist consisted of about five songs, two originals by Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane, "E Too D and "Come On Children". 'You’re frettin’, I’m pettin’, you need love' that would be more soothing to me, more fitting to me that he wrote. Signed in the … [1] Musicians in several genres have interpreted Dixon's songs. And this is “You Need Love,” written by Willie Dixon and performed by Muddy Waters in 1962: ADVERTISEMENT Dixon became aware of the Led Zeppelin song thanks to his daughter Shirley . That was it, a nick. Etta James and Harvey Fuqua had a pop and R&B record chart hit with their duet cover of "Spoonful" in 1961, and it was popularized in the … And I feel that that may have been the one. Every time we were on stage that was our opening number, unless we had a short set. Now happily paid for. Called "a stark and haunting work", it is one of Dixon's best known and most interpreted songs. I love the Led Zeppelin spin-off, Whole Lotta Love. Blues and other songs. In fact, Arden kept the royalties himself, with the band earning only £20 a week, despite multiple top ten entries on the UK Singles Chart. I'm gonna send ya On October 12, 1962, Waters overdubbed his vocals. Following an undisclosed out-of-court settlement Dixon’s name was added to the credits although, interestingly, Dixon did not pursue the Small Faces whose 1966 song You Need … Dixon, who—as we've implied above—was born July 1, 1915, was primarily a bassist and singer, but a bassist and singer who happened to write hundreds of incredible, often dark and eerie songs, several of which found their way in the catalogs of the biggest artists of the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and beyond. "[29][30], Plant would eventually later apologize to Marriott in a backstage encounter during the 1970s. I always thought that Zep being so successful would have been generous towards the underpaid and under recognized folks such as Willie Dixon. The opening verse of the Muddy Waters' original was not included anywhere in "You Need Loving", with the Small Faces adding their own bits instead, such as "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" and "I can't monkey and I can't dog. In fact, Robert Plant lifted large sections of the lyrics from 'You Need Love,' written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Muddy Waters for Chess Records in 1962. Led Zeppelin later covered the song for their debut album in 1969, the second Willie Dixon song on that album. The lyrics were originally written by Willie Dixon. About You Need Love "You Need Love" is a song with lyrics written by American blues musician Willie Dixon. [24] Lyrically however, the song refers to "You Need Love"[25], You need cooling The great bluesman Muddy Waters first recorded the song as “Just Make Love to Me” which went on to dominate the R&B charts. “Stairway to Heaven” – Led Zeppelin IV. I’ve always said that that was the one he sort of built the story around me. The band was sued in 1985, and courts ruled in favor of Dixon. "Spoonful" is a blues song written by Willie Dixon and first recorded in 1960 by Howlin' Wolf. Infact, the majority of the track was re-written in order to better fit Marriott's style of singing. [11], Additional musicians may include:[1][9][12], Three years after its initial release, East London band Small Faces released the track as "You Need Loving" for their eponymous debut album in 1966. Zeppelin performed the song live regularly during their early years, and Rush’s original single was inducted into … .” She said to me, “Well, they’ve got another song on here that your dad wrote, "I Can't Quit You Baby", but that’s [“Whole Lotta Love”] not his song. He taught me the lyric structure and he taught me the music. "You Need Love" is a song with lyrics written by American blues musician Willie Dixon. I'm gonna send you right back to school, alright The vocals are apparently derived from several earlier songs by Waters, such as "Rollin' Stone", "Still A Fool" and "She's Alright". Baby I'm not fooling [20] On most later reissues of the album, Dixon is credited as a songwriter. It too was settled out of court after Led Zeppelin agreed to share credit with William Dixon by identifying him as a co-writer. [7] In July 1962, Chess Records owner Leonard Chess contacted blues slide guitarist Earl Hooker to record additional tunes for a new record by Waters. Robert had referenced the Dixon lyrics because with my riff, they felt right. Willie Dixon was a Chicago blues artist, perhaps best known for his songwriting. [27][28] Marriott would later admit that both Page and Plant frequented and attended concerts by Small Faces: "That’s where Jimmy Page and Robert Plant heard it. Next to Muddy Waters, Dixon … [18] Allegedly, this was a business tactic used by Small Faces manager Don Arden in order to get more royalties. Some people said later that “Whole Lotta Love” was based on Willie Dixon’s “You Need Love” and the Small Faces’ “You Need Loving”. As for ‘Whole Lotta Love’ which included lyrics derived from ‘You Need Love,’ (a 1962 song by Dixon), a lawsuit was filed in 1985. Baby you look so sweet and cunning Willie Dixon, probably the foremost blues composer of the mid-20th Century, penned a song titled 'You Need Love', which he gave to Muddy Waters to record in 1962. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. It was decided that it was so far away in time and influence that ... well, you only get caught when you're successful. . "You Need Love" is a song with lyrics written by American blues musician Willie Dixon. Other notable covers are by Etta James and the blues-rock band Foghat. However, Waters was on tour in Ohio, and during his absence, Hooker and the group cut three instrumental backing tracks. Watch Four Sheryl Crows Cover Tom Petty’s ‘You Don’t Know How It Feels’ on ‘Fallon’ For years, blues artists recognized that … "[31] In 1985, Dixon would file a lawsuit against the group after her daughter brought it to his attention. He was proficient in playing both the upright bass and the guitar, and sang with a distinctive voice, but he is perhaps best known as one of the most prolific songwriters of his time. Willie Dixon originally did Oh Mary Don't You Weep, Midnight Special, In the Evening, T.B. Another hit blues song originally written by Willie Dixon in 1954. So I did and that was our opening number for all the years we were together. The Small Faces were never sued by Dixon, but Led Zeppelin was in 1985. Whole Lotta Love – Based off of a 1962 Muddy Waters song called “You Need Love,” written once again by the great Willie Dixon. This eventually forced us to give Dixon a cocredit on our song. Plant's lyrics are based on a 1962 Muddy Waters song written by Willie Dixon called "You Need Love," where Waters sings: I ain't foolin', you need schoolin' Baby, you know you need coolin' Woman, way down inside The band reached an agreement with Dixon, who used the settlement money to set up a program providing … Robert Plant would later complain in an interview.[25][35]. Yet another song written by Willie Dixon makes the list, becoming a hit for Otis Rush in 1956. . Chicago blues artist Muddy Waters later overdubbed vocals and Chess Records released it as a single in 1963. The song has since been covered by other artists, including the Small Faces, retitled "You Need Loving". The group recorded the song live for Saturday Club and can be found on the compilation album The BBC Sessions. And I see a similar pattern, either he wrote it or it’s twained [sic], and that’s why.”, The case would eventually be settled out of court and on all reissues of Led Zeppelin II, Dixon is credited as a co-writer on the track. Anyone who has any working knowledge of the blues, or of rock and roll for that matter, knows the name Willie Dixon (7/1/1915 - 1/29/1992). [6][17][26] Marriott later stated "He sang it the same, phrased it the same, even the stops at the end were the same". In 1962, Muddy Waters recorded Dixon’s You Need Love which was then covered in 1966 by British mods the Small Faces as You Need Loving on their eponymous debut album on Decca. Zeppelin plagiarized a song called “You Need Love” that Willie Dixon had written for Muddy Waters in the early 1960s. Seven years later, that song's lyrics would be the inspiration for Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love'. One of the best-known was a suit brought against them by Willie Dixon in 1985. The instrumentation was first recorded by slide guitarist Earl Hooker with backing musicians. I felt also because they were so Bluesy that they were tight and responsable towards these great Blues guys. [32][17][33] Page has on multiple occasion objected the claims that the composition was plagiarized, and insists that only the lyrics were.[34]. So I immediately could recognize one of his songs. When Led Zeppelin cut Whole Lotta Love , singer Robert Plant lifted some lyrics from the Willie Dixon song and some of the … Chicago blues artist Muddy Waters later overdubbed vocals and Chess Records released it as a single in 1963. The first verse was completely remade by replacing it with an altered version of the last verse found in "You Need Love": Woah you foolin' [2], Elements of Dixon's "You Need Love" were copied by,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 May 2020, at 13:41. So, you know, it became obvious to me after a while listened and listened. In 1985, however, Variety reported that Willie Dixon sued Led Zeppelin, claiming that “Whole Lotta Love” was largely plagiarized from “You Need Love,” written by Dixon and recorded by Muddy Waters as a single for Chess Records in 1962. And as if this wasn’t enough, the publisher of ‘Ooh! “You Need Loving” is their take on Muddy Waters' 1962 blues number “You Need Love” written by Willie Dixon. As with many of Waters' later singles, it failed to chart on both Billboard 100 and the magazine's rhythm and blues chart. Whole lotta Love and You need Love are so very obviously the same song … The remaining songs were "Ooh Poo Pah Doo","Baby Don't You Do It" and "You Need Love". Led Zeppelin subsequently adapted the song for their 1969 hit "Whole Lotta Love", which prompted Dixon to file a lawsuit against them in 1985, after his daughter heard it.[3][4][5][6]. That's the game. Make your way down the new side girl The track was their first big hit single, reaching number four on Billboard Hot 100[22] and number two in Cashbox magazine. Come and get coolin' I Just Want To Make Love To You . During his career he wrote, or co-wrote over 500 songs… Yep, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page? I was a high range and Muddy was a low range so I had to figure out how to sing it.
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